In 2011, ASCD set out to revitalize and refocus on our best work to ensure that, in years to come, we remain the global leader in providing the programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner.

In this annual report, you will learn directly from real educators—through interviews, audio clips, and user-generated videos—how each facet of ASCD's revolution has strengthened and supported their practice, creating opportunities for learners everywhere.

We encourage you to browse this digital environment based on your interests. Explore the exciting new relationships our organization is forming, and learn how we're helping members of our community network in the Relationships section. Or, view stories in the Practice and Process section that capture our commitment to creating and delivering only the best educator resources. And, in the Innovation and Design section, see how our offerings continue to evolve, better leveraging technology to meet educators where they learn, teach, and lead.

Welcome to our revolution!